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Verdict due on Hotel Rwanda hero's case

Paul Rusesabagina and his 20 co-accused have faced terrorism-related charges

Paul Rusesabagina, the man who inspired the acclaimed 2004 film "Hotel Rwanda" is due to hear his verdict on Monday, after spending more than a year behind bars.

He and his 20 co-defendants are accused of terrorism-related offences.

Mr Rusesabagina is the former hotelier whose efforts to save more than 1,200 people during the country’s genocide were depicted in the Hollywood blockbuster.

He later became a critic of the government of President Paul Kagame.

He ended up being charged and jailed in Rwanda after being allegedly abducted from Dubai. Rwanda has denied that he was kidnapped.

His daughter Carine Karimba told the BBC Newsday programme that they were not expecting any justice from the Rwandan system.

"We know that my father will be found guilty... We do not have any hope in the Rwandan justice system...our hope is in the international justice, the international community," she said.

"My father has been treated unfairly. All of my father's basic human rights have been violated... We knew that there would never be a fair trial for my father and now the world knows too," she added.

This article was published by BBC News.

Photo: AFP


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