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Uganda’s future at stake over corruption, insecurity - Archbishop


Mbarara Catholic Archbishop Paul Bakyenga has said the country’s future is at stake due to rampant corruption and insecurity.

In his Christmas message issued at the weekend, Archbishop Bakyenga said both the educated and uneducated do not seem to mind about theft of government funds. “Is it not sad that the minority of our educated and highly placed officials are not shy or even afraid to steal with a stroke of a pen while the majority of our law-abiding citizens are languishing in dire poverty?” he said.

“It seems to me that some people have become numb and indifferent to corruption and graft so much so that no one no longer notices the horror of these evils,” he added. Archbishop Bakyenga said children are being kidnapped and killed by the people supposed to take care of them.

“Our world today is also infested with a dreadful acts of child abuse in their various shades. In present day society, children’s lives are vulnerable and threatened right from the womb into infancy. We hear harassment and abuse in homes in institution and surprisingly sometimes in some church circles as well,” he said.

Archbishop Bakyenga said the evil has gone on with impunity. “Innocent children have been battered, starved, sexually abused and sacrificed or murdered in cold blood with impunity. This phenomenon is not unique to children; their mothers have also undergone similar atrocities,’’ he said.

Archbishop Bakyenga urged Ugandans to find solutions to issues that are affecting society instead of simply talking about them.

“Fellow believers in Christ, it is time to walk the talk. The Christmas and New Year season offers us a rare opportunity to emerge from the doldrums and cesspools of life and walk away from allies of sin and death and together with the new born child we can trade the path of righteousness,” he said.

“As we look forward to the New Year 2020, we need God’s blessing. It is my joy and pleasure to invoke all of God’s abundant blessings of peace and blessings of the Lord,” he added.

This article was originally published on The Monitor.


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