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Tanzanian corrupt Leaders to face law after recovering 8.8bn embezzled money

Prevention and Combating Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Tanzania has unearthed 8.8bn following investigation on expenditure of funds in various cooperative societies including those for savings and credits that was embezzled by Cooperative Societies’ leaders.

The investigation that was done followed a report that Agriculture Minister, Japhet Hasunga to the anti-graft body in November last year asking it to probe the uncertainty surrounding the expenditure of the funds.

During the announcement made by PCCB Acting Director General, Brig Gen John Mbungo, he revealed that the investigations were done in phases and evidence has pointed out to a number of leaders who have been involved in this corruption.

Mbungo was quoted by Daily News saying: “The number is very big because we are investigating all cooperative societies including those for savings and credits, where each society may have more than 10 leaders, so we will announce the total figure later”.

The first phase they investigated a total of 51bn/- out of 72.2bn/- and rescued 4bn/- that was also made public on January 22 this year. Some of the rescued funds were returned back to the cooperative societies and some funds were deposited into special accounts after advice from Regional Registrars of the cooperative societies.

The second phase of the probe was completed on 14th March, 2020 and it has led to the rescued 4.8bn/- out of 14.4bn/- that was in their focus.

The rescued funds were part of 124bn/- which the Co-operative Audit and Supervision Corporation (COASCO) 2018/19 audit report on Cooperative Societies unearthed and recommended for investigations.

Despite the challenging nature of the task,General Brig Gen Mbungo has commended government for support rendered throughout the task. He has also assured the general public that legal measures will be taken against the suspects.

This article was originally published on MaraviPost.


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