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Pccb Told to Investigate Gwata Water Project

(Photo Credit: Muhammad Mahdi Karim)

Deputy Water Minister, Mr Jumaa Aweso, has directed anti-corruption watchdog, Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), to conduct investigation into the Gwata Water Project in Morogoro which is almost complete.

In a press statement released by the Communications Unit of the Water Ministry, the Deputy Minister said Don Consult, who was the consultant engineer in the project, should also be questioned over the project worth 440m/-.

"This is the biggest mistake to be committed by a water contractor, and I never expected such a mistake from professional engineers," said the Deputy Minister after inspecting the water project on Wednesday.

Reports suggest that a consultant engineer had committed a technical mistake in the project design, where he designed a project without a reliable water source at the project site.

In the meantime, Mr Aweso directed Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (RUWASA) to take over the project, saying the authority should design the water project afresh.

Earlier, Morogoro District Commissioner (DC), Ms Regina Chonjo, appealed to the Deputy Minister to seek a solution for the water project which has taken too long to be complete, posing a serious challenge for people to get access to water services.

She said the project was designed in 2015 with the goal of serving 2,509 households in Gwata area, saying the construction work began in July, 2015 under a contractor, MS Kumba Company Limited.

RUWASA Manager for Morogoro Region, Engineer Grace Lyimo, pointed out that the main problem with the project is poor design, with water sources in Chalinze, Pwani Region being unreliable.

She said the project involved two water tanks, water drawing points and laying of water pipeline, saying the project worth 261m/-is about to be complete.


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