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Mayiga punches holes in Museveni’s anti-graft strategy

Monday has said that President Yoweri Museveni new anti-corruption fight will make sense if he target top government officials, including ministers.

Mr Mayiga was addressing the Lukiiko at Bulange Mengo.

His remarks were in response to President Museveni’s speech during the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party National Delegates’ Conference at Namboole National Stadium at the weekend.

Mr Museveni acknowledged that corruption is a big problem in Uganda but hastened to add that it is easy to stop.

However, Mr Mayiga says there is need for Mr Museveni to bring to book top corrupt government officials who seem to be untouchable. 

He said that the NRM government devised ways to arrest the corrupt but Ugandans are yet to be convinced by the results. 

Mr Mayiga said that billions of money which would help the country fight poverty among citizens, are embezzled by the officials with impunity.

Mr Ssenoga Kirigwajjo, the Gomba County representative in the Lukiiko said that  corruption and theft habits start from families where children are raised hence the need for parents to ensure that they dedicate more time to teaching children about morals.

A recent Corruption Perception Index, a global report by Transparency International, indicated that Uganda was progressing in the fight against corruption dropping 12 places from 149th position to 137 on a scale of 180 countries.

According to the report, Rwanda remains the least corrupt country in the East African region in position 51 followed by Tanzania in the 96th position with a score of 37 while Kenya and Uganda are tied together.

Burundi at 165 and South Sudan 179 remain the most corrupt countries in the region. To end corruption and restore trust in politics, Transparency International said that there is need to prevent opportunities for political corruption and to foster the integrity of political systems.

The global body also recommended governments to reduce the risk of conflict of interest, enforce campaign finance regulations in order to prevent excessive money and influence in politics, and strengthen election integrity by preventing and sanctioning vote-buying and misinformation campaigns.   

This article was originally published on The Monitor.


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