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Mandera Governor Roba takes pay cut in fight against Covid-19

Mandera County Government has temporarily trimmed off the salaries of some officials as a contribution towards the fight against coronavirus pandemic in Kenya.

In a statement seen by the Standard Digital, Mandera governor Ali Ibrahim Roba confirmed the approval of the decision that will take effect from April 1 to June 30, 2020.

“To complement the goodwill gesture of H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and his appeal for a voluntary contribution towards Covid-19 intervention, Mandera County Government Executive met today and approved the decision,” read part of the statement.

Governor Ali Roba stated that himself alongside his deputy Mohammed Arai would have their salaries slashed by 30 per cent.

The governor also added that Staff in job group T would have a 20 per cent pay cut, group S will have 15 per cent pay cut and group R a 10 per cent pay cut from their wages.

He further asked other sectors to join the voluntary movement of contribution towards the highly contagious coronavirus.

“I appeal to Mandera County Assembly and private sector within the county to implement the same in the spirit of a collective approach to challenges at hand,” he said.

Roba added that his county had formed a multi-agency task force which will be chaired by his deputy 

Mohammed Arai to spearhead the county preparedness to respond to the pandemic in terms of controlling the spread and management of cases of the deadly virus.

According to the governor, the following have been designated as isolation and response centers.

For Mandera North and Mandera East sub-counties, The Mandera County Referral Hospital

Lafey and Mandera South sub-counties Elwak Referral. For Banisa and Mandera West Sub-counties Takaba sub-county headquarters and Kotulo the new sub-county offices will be converted into isolation ward and response center.

The move by Roba came after president Uhuru Kenyatta urged all the other arms of Government to join in the national endeavor, by taking voluntary pay cuts.

On Wednesday Uhuru announced that alongside his deputy, their salaries will be reduced by 80 per cent.

Although Mandera has bot recorded any cases of Covid-19, the governor said the county is prepared through a comprehensive and multifaceted approach.

Kenya has so far recorded 28 cases of coronavirus with one person said to have recovered.

This article was originally published by Standard Media.


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