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How the elite in Uganda are a disappointment

Jesus in His parable of the new and old wine unveiled a fundamental predicament of the human race.

When they get acquainted with old products, company, places and environment, among others, they do not immediately change their minds to embrace the new but prefer the old.

Therefore, despite the obvious need for power transition in Uganda, there are still privileged persons who say let the music play on!

To them, those who are critical of government of the day, are merely grumblers, who are envious of those who have utilised opportunities available by the government. Really?

If so, why is the country still in need of donor funding? Without NGOs in the country, many supermarkets will close shop because they are their assured customers - buying vaseline, books, soap, toys, uniforms, blankets, etc, for needy children.

Without them, all you will see as new reconditioned vehicles will be those made of hardened plastic.

I have lived a total orphan for the last 32 years, gone through thick and thin and willing to share my findings and experience with new leaders who can listen to and read what myself and many other patriotic citizens share through the social and print media.

Ugandans, especially medical workers, are placed in the line of fire, yet they are threatened when they dare demand for better condition of work!

My disappointment is how some of the intellectual fraternity have been hoodwinked not to publish Uganda’s history right from Independence to date.

Most views are expressed in documentaries, but not compiled into books.

This article was published by the Daily Monitor.


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