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FEARED FOR HIS LIFE: Tanzanian politician Godbless Lema leaves Kenya, granted asylum in Canada

He left Kenya on Wednesday with his family after staying in the country since November.

Tanzanian opposition politician Godbless Lema has been granted political asylum in Canada after fleeing his country over claims of death threats.

He left Kenya on Wednesday night with his family after staying in the country for more than a month.

The former Arusha MP and his family had fled from Tanzania via taxi in November to Kenya seeking protection over what the MP said were attempts on his life.

Lema is a Chadema politician who lost his bid to retain his seat for Arusha City Constituency for a third term.

He was arrested together with his wife and three children while on their way to the UNHCR offices.

He was later released after spending the night behind bars.

Rights lobby, Amnesty International appealed to the Kenyan government not to deport the former legislator to save him from “persecution.”

Amnesty said Nairobi has a legal obligation to host anyone fleeing danger from their countries and that Lema’s situation means he would be at risk if forcibly returned to his country.

“Kenya must not violate the internationally recognised principle of non-refoulment,” Amnesty International Kenya Director Irungu Houghton said.

This article was published by The Star.


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