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EACC Banks On Integrity Training To Prevent Corruption

The  Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has launched a series of integrity training programmes to stave the wave of corruption across the country.

The  programmes on corruption prevention and detection are targeting heads of departments in both government and private sector.

The  EACC Commissioner, Dr. Dabaar  Maalim  said through the training offered by the National Integrity Academy (NIA), the commission is set to nip corruption in the bud and ensure public resources are prudently used.

The  academy, he disclosed has rolled out corruption prevention in public procurement, Integrity Assurance Officers’ training, and Leadership and Integrity courses for the heads of departments.

The  academy, he added plans to roll-out other Courses such as Corruption Prevention in Public Financial Management, certified ethics compliance courses, Integrity in the Education Management among other tailor made programmes.

“The courses are very unique in design and delivery. They were developed through a Competency Based Curriculum Model and I urge all public institutions to take advantage of the programmes,” he said.

Dr. Maalim  made the remarks in Kisumu on Tuesday where he opened a training for senior staff at the Lake Victoria South Water Works Development  Agency.

“The  objectives of Integrity Assurance Officers’ programme is for all institutions to own the fight, promote integrity and provide services to the public in responsible, accountable and transparent manner,” he said.

He  urged the officers to offer technical expertise in the areas of corruption prevention through carrying out corruption risk assessment, developing corruption prevention pans and establishing a corruption reporting mechanism among others.

The  commission, he said was on top of the game in fighting corruption in the country with stolen assets worth 22.56 billion shillings already recovered.

Through  various interventions among them training programmes, a Sh. 135.7 billion loss has been averted.

This article was originally published on KenyaNews.


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