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Anti-graft staffer probed over graft

The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) is holding its senior investigating officer, Nina Saibul, for allegedly soliciting and receiving 4.9m/- as a bribe from a businessman who conducts real estate business in Dar es Salaam.

According to a statement issued by the Bureau's Public Relations Officer, Ms Doreen Kapwani, on behalf of the Director General, Brigadier General John Mbungo, the officer, who is based at the bureau's Kinondoni regional office, was arrested on Thursday evening.

"We have arrested Senior Investigator Officer II of PCCB over the offence of soliciting and receiving a bribe contrary to Section 15 of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau Act No. 11 of 2007," Ms Kapweni explained in the statement.

She stated that, the PCCB received reports alleging that its officer was soliciting a bribe as an inducement for stopping to conduct investigations claimed to be underway within the bureau against the businessman, who is the complainant.

It stated in the statement that after receiving the information, preliminary investigations to prove the claims was conducted and discovered the claims were valid, but there was neither a file nor any investigations launched against the businessman.

"After being satisfied with the preliminary investigation, PCCB laid a trap that facilitated the arrest of Nina, alongside her husband Ramadhan Makoye, for receiving the money demanded by Nina," reads part of the statement.

Ms Kapweni explained that the PCCB decided to take the action to ensure that it cleanses itself of the few employees who had the habit of polluting the Bureau.

She stated that an investigation into the allegations was being finalised ahead of the suspects facing the judicial process as soon as possible.

"On behalf of the PCCB director general, we would like to thank the people and all other stakeholders who have been cooperating with us in fulfilling this role of preventing and combating corruption in the country by providing us information on all those involved in corrupt practices," she stated.

The Bureau's Public Relations Officer urged the people to continue to support it, while adhering to the PCCB's motto for this year - Fighting Corruption is my Responsibility".

Meanwhile, the Babati Resident Magistrate's Court has ordered two traditional healers, Luhanga Mabeshi and Hamis Gambona to remain behind bars for two years for soliciting and receiving a bribe from another traditional doctor from Babati District.

Resident Magistrate in Charge of the court,Simon Kebello, imposed the sentence on September 9, 2020 against the duo after hearing both parties and subsequently being satisfied that the offences of soliciting 500,000/- and receiving 200,000/- bribe were proved beyond reasonable doubt by the prosecution.

According to a statement issued by Manyara Regional Bureau Chief Holle Makungu, the prosecution was led by PCCB Prosecutor Eveline Onditi.

It is stated that the two convicts had arrived in the district and identified themselves as investigators from the Union of Traditional Healers in Tanzania (UWAWATA).

On the strength of that status, they checked on one of the traditional healers and accused him of using deceptive tactics to conduct presumed healing through divination.

So, they asked him to give a bribe as an inducement against taking legal action against him.

It is stated that since the traditional doctor was not practicing deceptive divinations as claimed, he decided to report to the PCCB, thus leading to the arrest of the duo while receiving the 200,000/- and subsequently taken to court.

This article was published by Daily News.


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