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Uganda’s politics too expensive for women and youths - Report

A new report released today shows the high cost of money involved in Ugandan politics has limited the full participation of women and youth in politics.

The findings of the report titled, “The impact of the cost of politics on inclusive political participation in Uganda” was conducted in 89 districts which participated in parliamentary and local council V elections in 2016.

According to Peter Kisakye, one of the lead researchers, 75% of the people interviewed thought that young people were excluded from politics due to the cost of politics in Uganda while 62% believed that women were also excluded for the same reason.

Kisakye revealed that the average cost of running for parliamentary seats in 2016 was over shs400M while those running for local government had to spend over shs200M.

The report was compiled by the Public Policy Institute (PPI) in partnership with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) and the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD).

This article was published by KFM.


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