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Parliament Attacked by Men Identifying as Red Top Brigade

Members of Parliament were sent into panic mode on Wednesday afternoon when two unknown individuals jumped into the Parliamentary chamber in what appeared to be a protest.

Two men, one decently dressed in a suit jumped from the public gallery where they had been following plenary, down into the chambers where the MPs sit.

The two elements were chanting accusations of corruption saying corruption beings in Parliament and thus the House has no moral authority to be debating on graft.

MPs who had been discussing land matters all scampered following the very rare occurrence. The Minister of Land had just made a presentation to which the legislators were reacting when the attack happened.

Moments later, the Sergeant at Arms rushed to the two individuals and arrested them, whisking them out the chambers. One of those arrested was wearing a red beret.

The Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga called the House to order and asked that plenary continues. She said the House will await the advice of the Sergeant at Arms regarding the attack.

By publication time, MPs were still in a state of panic and still confused about what the motive of the attackers was.

The two individuals, accordingly, according to a note they left behind, identified themselves as the Red Top Brigade.

In the note, they protested the torture and oppression of those opposing dictators and called for a new Uganda where leaders are accountable. They further say the electoral commission and courts of law lack the independence to guarantee a credible election.

They said no one in Uganda should ever threaten to ban the putting on of a red symbol or beret on the head.

They say, “no one has the authority to do that except its founders and that is Mutasa Kafeero Charles and Eng Senjako Dafala”.

“The red symbol on the head is symbol liberation from oppression,” the note reads.

The note is signed by Mutasa Kafeero Charles as President of Red Rop Commander and President to be, come 2021, and Eng Senjako Dafala, the Coordinator of Red Top Brigade.

They further accuse MPs of taking bribes in exchange for lifting the Presidential age limits and Presidential term limits in 2018, and that they don’t deserve to be re-elected.

Kafeero and Dafala labelled MPs as “the worst enemies of our country,” who the public must isolate.

This article was originally published on Soft Power.


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