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Law To Force Uganda Govt Agencies To Offer Services Online In Offing

The Government of Uganda is mulling a new law that will compel all government agencies to offer their services online an initiative which top officials say will improve service delivery as compared to the current situation.

The development was revealed by the Minister for Information and Communications Technology  Frank Tumwebaze while briefing the media on the upcoming ICT Innovation Expo slated for December 17th at the Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology Nakawa.

Tumwebaze said they have invested heavily in the development of the  ICT infrastructure that will support government agencies to adopt digital platforms in offering public services.

“When all Government agencies embrace e-services, it will reduce the cost of accessing public services by the member of the public.

“It also reduces the incidences of corruption because, with digital platforms, chances of physical contacts between members of the public and technical government officers who on many occasions ask for bribes will reduce,” said Tumwebaze.

The Minister said the government is committed to ensuring that the  ICT sector is developed because of its relevance to the economy.

Tumwebaze observed that ICT like other sectors in the economy has multiplier effects when it comes to jobs creation.

“Once the sector is developed, it will save public funds which both the public and private sector have been spending on procuring imported  ICT related accessories like software.

“Once the local Students are supported, they will develop some of these accessories.

“To ensure that this can be achieved, the government has given out grants to over 70 innovators to assist them to develop their system to mature into enterprises,” stressed Tumwebaze.

Commenting on the upcoming events, the Minister said his Ministry will use the event to showcase the progress so far made towards the creation of an ICT  Innovation ecosystem and the development of entrepreneurs.

The Ministry will also use the occasion to showcase the level of progress of innovations systems and applications developed and deployed in both Government and the private sector.



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