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Jubilee Nakuru backs move to kick out ‘corrupt’ leaders


The Jubilee Party’s Nakuru branch has thrown its weight behind national Secretary-General Raphael Tuju’s bold decision to lock out ‘corrupt’ aspirants in the forthcoming polls.

In a statement issued in Nakuru Town on Sunday, Nakuru branch Secretary-General Peter Mtumishi Cheruiyot said the move by Mr Tuju was the best Christmas gift to millions of Jubilee Party supporters  


Mr Cheruiyot observed that the Jubilee Big Four Agenda is failing because of massive corruption perpetuated by Jubilee sympathisers and supporters who hold key positions in the government and State agencies.

He cited housing, health, infrastructure and construction of dams as areas that have been hard hit by graft.   

“Many party supporters are becoming disillusioned by increasing corruption cases involving elected party leaders,” said Mr Cheruiyot.

The official said the message from Mr Tuju should be implemented ahead of party elections.

“Corrupt leaders who have been tainted by corruption have gone against Chapter Six of the Constitution and should quit since their integrity is now questionable,” said Mr Cheruiyot.


He said the move by Jubilee party secretary-general will rid the party of leaders with integrity issues.

 “As a ruling party, Jubilee, should not be the dumping ground of corrupt leaders. The party should set a good example by weeding out corrupt leaders,” he added.

Mr Cheruiyot urged other political parties to emulate Jubilee by kicking out corrupt leaders.  

“Kenya can become a graft-free nation if all political parties fight corruption within their party hierarchies even if it means sacrificing those who bankroll the parties,” said Mr Cheruiyot.

The official said the recent bench marking by Jubilee top officials in China, Cuba, South Africa and Rwanda will make the party to strengthen its leadership structures.

“These trips were not in vain.  We are now seeing top party officials led by Mr Tuju implementing lessons they picked from established parties in China and Cuba among other countries,” said Mr Cheruiyot.


He said for Building Bridges Initiative will only gain support from Kenyans at grassroots if political parties led by Jubilee intensify the fight against graft. 

“The whistle-blowers should be rewarded and protected as enshrined in the Witness Protection Act,” he said.

However, the official cautioned Jubilee top leaders against using the fight against corruption to settle personal political scores.

“The move to eject corrupt leaders should not be used to bar other leaders from vying for various positions,” said Mr Cheruiyot.

However, he said party leaders with pending corruption cases should not be allowed to vie for party leadership slots until they are cleared by courts.

“Jubilee needs leaders who are not tainted by graft,” he said.

This article was originally published on The Daily Nation.


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