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Court suspends Rotich's corruption trial

The High court has temporarily suspended the prosecution of former Treasury CS Henry Rotich. The suspension was done alongside 28 others who are charged with corruption related charges.

One of the accused person's lawyer did an application arguing that his rights were violated when he was arrested making the Court to suspend his prosecution. Trial magistrate Douglas Ogoti said that since the accused are jointly charged, the order obtained by Richard Malebe affects other accused persons.

The case will be mentioned after 30 days to confirm the status of the high court application.

Rotich and PS Kamau Thugge were among 28 individuals implicated in the Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal.

They are accused of consipracy to defraud government, failing to comply with procurement law and irregular procurement of insurance policy through single sourcing.

The counts were read, with a few mistakes in the particulars, such as the name of the dam, which was being rectified.

It is alleged they conspired to defraud the government of $244.4 million. The charges against Rotich and Thugge were contained in the first file and a total of 16 counts were read out. They denied the charges.

The article was originally published on The Star.


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